The future is dim

The six-million-dollar man is he more expensive or less?

Did he ever go at it with Wonder Woman and who was the best?

Replacement parts will one day be sold as easy as pie,

Cloned arms and legs which will allow you to fly.


The future will play havoc with the nature of life,

There will be the elimination of diseases and less strain and strife.

Crops will be grown indoors, and the weather will be controlled,

Crossbred vegetables will be available, and manufactured meat will be sold.


People will go on virtue trips with headsets doing the travel,

Justice will commence with a computer and a mechanical gavel.

Life will contain no books for they will be replaced by chips in your head,

Learn a language will be the placement of a chip, any language, enough said.


People will get along and therefore there will be no use for the police,

People will do the right thing, or their lives will come to a halt and they will cease.

The chips of morality will be inserted in your brain,

They will keep you honest and do away with the concept of insane.


Life will be regulated, and people will live till they are 140 or more.

Dogs and cats will cease to exist and replaced by virtual pets, no crap on the floor.

Babies will be born in test tubes of hues.

You want a color of the rainbow fine, green or blue?


Scared of the future, you should be for it will be radical at best,

But you will never exist for you have been eliminated from the rest.


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