A Russian visit: good or bad?

Inviting the fox into the hen house,

We are fanning the flames we should douse.

Will we allow the enemy to interrogate our chaps,

Did something slip past our intelligence, something did lapse.


Taking chances sometimes proves you are a fool,

Do we do these things and become a Russian tool.

We are a country with checks and balances now out of whack,

I am tired of people saying give the President some slack.


The rope we are handing him will cause us to be hung,

I feel one day the Swan Song will be heard loud as it is sung.

Did France invite Hitler in for a pleasure trip?

Does not anyone see the folly of that fatal slip?


My mother taught me do not let anyone see your laundry on display,

Do not let your enemy think you have feet of clay,

Keep your enemies at a distance and at the end of the day,

You might keep the devil away from you and at bay.

Image result for a picture of a noose


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