Double puns

Does one need a passport to go to the Port of Pottie?

What does one find on the poop deck?

Why would one piss into the wind?

Is a lee a man from China?

Is it rude to say a young lady from Peking is fine China?

Do they use egg in making egg rolls?

Are egg rolls used on the White House Lawn at Easter time?

Can a Plain Jane fly the plain over the plains?

Does Seymour have great vision and therefore can see more?

How does Superman not use his x ray vision and not see people naked?

Can Aquaman float in the Sea of Tranquility?

Can you borrow a fin from Aquaman to buy fish and chips?

How Wise are wise potato chips and if you eat them do you increase your IQ?

If the hills are alive with the sound of music what tune are they playing?

If you leave your heart in San Francisco does that mean you are a zombie?


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