Back in the saddle again

On Friday the  thirteenth a tree fell on my property.  It pulled out the lines of electricity and cost me thousands of dollars.  Fortunately no one was hurt but my wallet is still in pain.  A side pain was on  was off line for over a week.  No computer, no television, no air conditioner.  I was virtually off grid.  The only good thing was I was deprived of the news.  Since most of it sucks anyway I feel that was a good thing.

Now everything is back to normal.  Insurance did not pay anything for the tree did not strike the house.  My agent informed me of that with a grin on his face.  Great empathy there.

Remember this was Friday the 13 th.  Do I believe in that no, but next year when that date comes around I will hide in my bed.  Better safe than sorry.


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