Tricks of the trade

A new Olympian event: hacking.

Computer speed on input into a keyboard.

Do farmers call “a spade a spade?”

What do tractors track?

What kind of fields have baby corns?  Is that a blister on a child’s foot?

If one plays dirty pool is that mean he is cheating behind the eight ball?

Are unions are institution between a man and a woman who get a union card?

How can a person be at a hearing if his hearing aid is on mute?

What kind of conviction do you get at a kangaroo court?

Do Eskimo people wear hush puppies or are they stuck with snow shoes?

Why are dumb bells considered without intelligence?  What do they peel when they are rung? 

What happens when the Queen of England get rained on during her reign?

Was Edgar Guest ever at home?

Was Hedda Hopper related to Bugs Bunny?

Did Bugs Bunny get eradicated by Orkin?

What kind of tea is served to the Queen?

Did Brussel Sprouts ever mature and become adult?



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