Dying for the country

He awoke with a start.  “Where the hell am I?” he thought.  He tried hard to get his facts straight.  He realized his hands were tied behind his back and his feet were tied to the chair he was in.  At least he had no blindfold.

He remembered he had been on patrol in the enemy area.  There was a group of eight men.  Their assignment was to capture an enemy for interrogation.  The enemy came out of nowhere.  Within seconds they were subdued.  He remembered he was clubbed and then darkness.  He must have gone unconscious.  And now, he was in a room tied to a chair. 

He looked around and saw there were five other men in the room.  It was the team that had been assaulted.  Where the other three men had concerned him.  He assumed they were dead.

All the men were now awake.  But they could not talk.  They were gagged with a rag of some type. 

A voice came out of nowhere.  “I need to know where your main force is located.” Tell me now and your lives will be spared.

It was the enemy.  They wanted the men to divulge the location of their main force. 

“All you have to do is rock the chair from side to side and we will know that you want to save your life and the lives of your companions.”

No one moved.  Then the water started to come into the room

Slowly this water crept up on the men.  It was at their ankles and they still did not move.  They all were sticking together.  The enemy would not win.  They would protect the secret.

The water now was waist high.  Still no movement from the group.

Schwartz was the guy on his right.  Schwartz was only five feet six. Now his stature would be deadly for him.  He would be the first to go under.  Now with the water at his chin he still did not move.  The other men watched in horror as the water went over his head and they saw bubbles come up.  Now the water was up to their chins and they now knew they could be dead in a few minutes. 

The voice boomed into the room.  “You only have a few minutes left and then you all will be dead.  Shake your head up and down and we will stop the flow of water.

Save yourselves or perish.  The remaining men did not move their heads.

 The water went over their heads and there was blackness.


He awoke with a start.  He was laying on a table strapped down.  He looked around the room and could see all seven men were on tables strapped down as he was.  His mind was cloudy.  He had thought they had all died.  He knew he was not dead.  His gag had been removed and he could yell out.

“Guys, where are we?”  the other men chattered and were totally in the dark.

Then two men came in and wheeled his table into another room.  Surrounding him were men that were dressed in the military uniforms of his side.  He thought,

“what the hell is going on?”

Then the general entered the room.  He asked only one question. 

“Why did you decide to die instead of giving away the position of your army?”

“It was my duty and I followed it to the letter.” He responded

And then he realized the truth.  The pogo truth.

“We have met the enemy and he is us,”


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