Ode for my wife

The times we are in are a changing fast,

Things I thought would be here forever do not last.

Wrinkles appear on your cute little face,

Time is shown and creeps on you with its pace.


But your soul is still alive with beauty and zeal,

The truth of it all is that your actions do reveal.

The sweet person I married so long ago,

We have grown together as time did flow.


The children are grown, and now have children of their own,

Grandchildren are growing as time has flown.

Money is always tight, but we somehow have made it through,

Where would I be without having met that wonderful person, you.


A doctor, a lawyer or maybe an Indian chief,

No, I would not want to turn over a new leaf.

Just a simple life with occasional strife,

And you my darling beside me, my perfect wife.


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