Immigration distorted and the future of America.


Immigration Story distortion is a common occurrence.


My own story of immigration has no documentation just oral history which I believe has been distorted.

I believe, and remember the facts maybe distorted, that my Great Grandfather’s name was Maxovitch Vesbrobnik. He was from Russia and came over to Ellis Island about 1909.

The problem at Ellis Island was the sheer amount of people it needed to process on a daily basis. Of thousands of people a day only two percent were not allowed into this country. The main reason was health issues.

The average wait at the island to be processed was only two to three hours. There was the forms that were filled out on the ship and the manifest document which aided the interviewing personnel. Language problems were always present. Translators were rare and sometimes a person had their words misinterpreted.

My Great Grandfather probably had a document but it was in Russian. It is a different language completely. It is not one of the Latin Languages which have some similarity. It is in Serilic. The interviewers were generally not Russian. The pressure of getting everyone done by the end of the day was enormous. Just think, where do you house all the people you can not process. That is why there were many cracks in the system as mistakes were usually buried in paperwork. The immigrants did not care as long as they got in. Many lied about their age. If they were alone and thought they had to be eighteen they lied and said eighteen. That is why many of them have the wrong age when they died. My wife’s Grandmother had a discrepancy of two years.

Maxovitch had a different problem. His name was to long and the interviewers shorten it. Maxovitch to my knowledge means the son of Max. The vitch was eliminated and he became Max. His last name was also changed. They asked what did he do in the old country. He must have made candles. So his last name became Wax. Thus in came Maxovitch Vesbrobnik and out went Max Wax. This happened to a lot of people. Last names were changed on the spot and if you wanted entry into the country with paved streets of gold you accepted the change. I believe Max had nothing to do with candles. He dealt with wax in making castings for jewelry and that was the family business. But that was a secret and many a secret was hidden by Ellis Island.

Now we have thousands who are coming from the countries from central and south America.  They come with no papers and no English but one thing in common.  They want to come here for a better life.  Sounds familiar to me.  They all say that they have been threatened.  Well, that could be true or they have learned that is what can get them in and so they say it.  Who knows.  I am sure that the gangs down there are bad but how do we know that we are not letting in the gang members here.

Remember the Mafia in the beginning.  They came over in droves and established themselves in our big cities.  Al Capone came over.  I am sure that he would have said the gangs in Italy are threatening him.  Are we opening ourselves up to gangs?

Thousands of good people need to be vetted and yet we have no one doing it.

Instead we are incarcerating people by the thousands.  Seems there would be a better solution if we worked on it.  Instead we have no indication anyone is working on it.  Remember the death camp guards said that they were only doing there jobs.

ICE are you only doing your jobs.  Are you slowly changing into a gestapo group. Scary as hell.

We watch on television about a dozen kids trapped in a cave being threatened by monsoon weather and worry about them.  Yet we have put in cages two thousand kids from the south of America and say well at least they are being fed.  I worry about the mental outlook of the world.  If God is watching he or she is probably picking out the next Noah.  The arc this time will be built out of steel which will be tough because of the tariff war.  Chaos reigns and rains and pours on the poorly thought of savior of the world.  America will soon be hanging on the cross.  Sacrificed to purge us of all the sins we have created.


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