do I care?

There was a time when I gave a crap,

About this or that.

Now I just do not care,

Life is fleeting and in the air.


I do not care that the President lies a plenty each day,

I do not care that misdeeds are done continually and in every way.

Me-too movement is just a fad,

Boys will be boys; a boy is a cad.


Violence is depicted in every way on screen and on television,

You see blood running from wounds in three d vision.

Shoot them up in a cowboy show or a police drama,

Ban all weapons and the handyman is deprived of his hammer.


I blame the genes which have bad chromosomes of hate and greed

We need to surgically remove them with all haste and speed.

We need to be a race with no passion nor hormonal swings,

We need to remove all racial prejudice and violent things.


But I do not care as we eliminate ourselves into a pot of stew,

Does not affect me the violence and boo hoo.

“Bah, Bah,” said the Black sheep as he starred into his mirror,

I am not frightened of what we have become I state with a quiver.

I do not care, so states the raw man inside the cave of my skin,

Then I look into the eyes of my children and their children and I cave in.


I voice my concerns the highest roof top,

I will protest, and I will not give in and I will not stop.

I do not care what they do to me,

I care for what the world will be for my children to see.


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