King for a day

Pretty much everyone wants to be king,

To display the wealth with an orb or a pinky ring.

To wear the purple of royalty and parade with head held high,

But for most of us it is a dream, gone a quest denied.


And if you were king, then what,

Do you now live in a castle instead of a hut?

Do you drive the fast car that has so much speed?

Do you ditch old Betsy, your old faithful stead?


And the queen of the castle who will that be?

Will you trade in the woman you married and held so dear?

To possess the trophy wife with fake this and that,

To gain a shapely woman and replace that old hat.


Do your friends go down the path of no return?

Do you take the memories of the past and watch them burn?

Do you morph into an uppity up person with remorse replaced by greed?

What will your legacy be and how will it affect the prodigy of your seed?


“Not me,”  says I, with a gleam in my eye,

I would rather stay the life of dull and not live the lie.

I will stay with the woman I loved for so many a year,

And not regret my life and for the wisp of kingship not shed a tear.


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