Irony for the hit man


The Hit

He was short for his profession. He certainly did not fit the profile of a killer for hirer. He was stubby, overweight and in his fifties. Not exactly the Bond type. But his reputation was pretty good. He was not on the A list but rather a good B minus player. His favorite weapon was a short shot gun that he had concealed in an attache case with a spring which made it easily accessible into his hands. He was use to getting the $25,000 dollar hits and had successfully completed over a half dozen jobs.

He never knew who his employee was. A system had been developed after he was recruited and it never wavered. The agency which had set it up disappeared leaving only the procedure of how to get the job done. It involved him going to the movie theater every Thursday night. Same theater and at the same time. He left his car in the parking lot of the mall. When he came out of the movies and drove home he would park in his garage. Only then would he go to the trunk and see if a file had been left there. Four times a month and most of the time nothing. But every once in a while instructions on who to eliminate. He had two weeks to do the deed. That included flying to a distant city, scouting the target, developing a plan and execute it. He knew his life depended on successful completion. He knew of one fellow exterminator who had failed. He was part of a foundation of a building somewhere. But he felt the money was worth the risk.

Today was his lucky day. A contract and a big one. The target, a James Flynn, president of Monarch Insurance Agency. He had taken out an insurance policy for one billion dollars as a commercial gimmick to promote the agency. His partner was the beneficiary and also had taken out a matching policy. It was called a by-out if anything happened to either one of them. Only secretly the partner had made some bad investments and had some gambling problems that involved people who knew people of the agency. If Flynn were to die he would come into enough money to extricate him from debt and plenty to live on for the rest of his life. Reading through the file Mr. X. noted that Flynn was not stupid. With a billion dollar policy in effect he had round the clock body guards. He was extremely security conscious and took no risks. This was not going to be easy. But if X accomplished his task his reward was one million dollars. Two prior hit men had failed. Not only was Flynn aware of the danger he was in but Flynn had his security team tagging main killers who had reputations as big time hit men. That is why X was being utilized. He was below the radar and his up and coming reputation made him a good candidate.

X took a plane to the city where Flynn lived. He spent a few days getting aware of localities and any routines that Flynn used. Two days in the city and he went to the UPS store to pick up his delivery of the pieces of the shotgun that he had sent to himself. He had pegged one routine that he thought he could use for his advantage. Flynn left his office in the Hancock Building at exactly eight o’clock every evening. One guard would pick up the limo from the parking lot across the street and pull it up to the bottom of the building. The building had two tiers of twelve steps apiece leading down to the street. The three remaining guards would walk down those two sets of steps with Flynn. One on each side of him and one in front. When they reached the bottom one would open the door to the limo, Flynn would hop in and the three guards would follow, one in the front, the other two on either side of Flynn in the back. X noticed the guards appeared to be very efficient. They communicated over transmitters attached to their suits. He immediately new that he would need a diversion to pull off this hit.

X contacted his cousin and had him fly into the city. His cousin was willing to go along with the plan as long as he had nothing dangerous to do and the fifty thousand he was promised was up front. This was fine with X. His cousin was only to steal a purse and run down the street. He hoped that in the course of this action distraction would be to his advantage.

Eight o’clock and X started to mount the stairs with his attache case at his side. Flynn came out just like usual. The one guard pulled up driving the limo just like clockwork. The cousin picked on an older woman and grabbed her handbag started sprinting down the stairs. X was amazed Flynn let two of his body guards chase his cousin. With only one guard to contend with X pushed the button on the attache case. The shot gun was in his hands in a second and he swung it up and pulled the trigger. The guard in front was fast. He jumped in front of Flynn letting his body absorb the blast as he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Unfortunately the blast hit the bottom of his face disconnecting his head which was catapulted over Flynn. Flynn was standing behind the guard by two steps and received a wound below his rib cage. X went in for the second shot. Although Flynn was falling backward to the steps he could still be alive and that was not acceptable. Just as X was about to pull the second trigger a shot from the limo rang out. The guard of the limo was a crack shot. The bullet hit X in the back just below his bullet proof vest causing him to fall and miss the second shot. He blanked out as he rolled down the staircase.

“I see you have awakened?” said the man in white. “I am Doctor Collins. How do you feel?”

X was heavily sedated. He tried to focus on where he was. He concluded it was a hospital room. He was extremely weak. He noted a cop was also in the room along with the doctor. He figured running now was out of the question. He would try to escape later. The one thing he quickly realized was he could not talk.

“Ah yes, you will find it difficult to talk. A paralysis of the voice box but that should be gone in a day or so.” He went back to the machines and took down some numbers.

“Officer, would you be so kind as to get me a cup of coffee from the nurse at the desk?”

“ I am sorry sir, but I should not leave the room.” the officer replied.

“ Common on, I’m in the room and I promise to yell if there is a problem. I assure you this man is not going anywhere.”
“Alright. How do you like your coffee?”

“ The nurse knows, she’ll fix it up just right.”

As soon as the officer was gone the doctor turned to X. “Bad news you did not kill Flynn. You made a great try. Would you believe you wounded him bad enough that they had to operate. The bandage on your side is what you donated to your own hit. You saved your hit’s life.” The doctor took a syringe and put something in it. He injected it into a tube leading into X’s arm. “Mr. Flynn is alive and looks like he will have a full recovery. His room is chock full of cops and well it is two weeks…and we certainly can not have you interrogated. Sorry, no more movies for you!”



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