My take on life’s turn of events

Row, row, row, your boat.  Or you can get a motor and stop the rowing and get going.

I love the gym you sit on a stationary bike and go nowhere.  Sounds like true life.

Fake news is everywhere.  The earth is flat, and coke has cocaine in it.

I could be simple Simon but that is politically incorrect.

If time travel could be perfected most of us would live in a different time zone.

What does a vegetarian zombie eat?

Why do they call it eggplant?  What chicken laid that egg?

There is an ugly fruit?  There is a star fruit?  Put the two together in a hybrid and get an ugly star.

There is a place called the Black Hole of Calcutta.  It might be near Nova Scotia.

If countries can change their names why not animal groupings.  A murder of crows should consider this.  Maybe the Agatha Christie of birds.

How come some enchanted evening when you meet that stranger and he or she turns out to be stalking you like celery.

How many toes does missile toe have?

Can one hear silence?  How about the silence of the lambs?  How about the silence of Congress?

Walking the hallow halls of Ivy could give you a rash of intelligent thought.

Trump wants a space program of military strategy.  I suggest the suits be air proof.

Can one prove their proof set is uncirculated if they circulate it among friends?

Ever play hop scotch in a bar with real scotch with hops in it?

Feast or famine, which phase are you now in?

The miser was to cheap to buy a safe and the thief made him a poor miser.

Misery loves company and therefore many people are miserable for they fly by the seat of their pants.  Imagine giving your pants to United for the fare.

They show on television reality, but it is a wasteland of imagination.




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