As they argue about who is the bad guy in immigration,

I hear in my head words of the past from segregation.

They caused the problem and we are only reacting,

The Congress avoids the subject and acts like chickens crackling.



They are coming, and the wall will keep them out,

This is the simplistic concept that the President flings about.

But take the other position for just a second,

Would you do anything to come here, you betcha  I recon,


Avoiding persecution, avoiding the gangs, cannot get ahead,

All these are true but why do we become the solution and we end up going red.

Should we just invade the countries of the south and take them over?

Or would this invasion be pervasive and cause to much exposure?


Were we not invaded by the Italians, the Irish and countless others?

Have they in time become part of America, our sisters and brothers?

What makes the new immigrants any different from the prior groups?

Why set up so many roadblocks and make them jump through hoops?


All in all, it focuses on one picture of historical fact,

A little two-year-old crying, America give humanity some slack.

We are the good guys and we are starting to be stained,

Remember our goodness and let these people remain.


For in the end they will come no matter what,

For where they come from is the crude of the rut.

They want what we have and how can you fault them for that,

Process them humanly and train them, make the slogan, “America’s got your back.”



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