Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all those men out there that shoulder the responsibility of having children.  They say that two can live as cheaply as one.  Of course, the they are crazy.

Raising a child can cost over a quarter of a million dollars.  The time and drama can cost you a lot of sleepless nights.

Some of the high points or low points depending on your point of view.

Children are cute when born. Really.  No teeth, no hair or little hair, a mouth for screaming and a diaper for soiling.  I guess it’s a mother thing.  I enjoyed when the communication starts.  My grand baby now says purple.  Of course, everything is purple to her.  A plum to a pencil, a yellow sun to a brown horse.  But she will eventually learn her colors.

The stage from the start of talking to the times when you wish they would not talk.  The famous “no”.  That is the times when you hand your grand baby back to the mother.  Then comes, “why” And our great response is because we said so.

Now to school.  I have one grand child in high school and one almost in college.  One drives a car and the other drives us crazy about getting a car.  Then there is a grand baby who is heading for two.  Now another one is in the works.

Then they will grow up and consider meeting the opposite sex.

The circle of life has bumps.  Maybe it is the circle with bumps.

Technology is starting to control the children.  They text, chat, and Instagram and I still have my flip phone.  Where would I be without them.  A lonely and sad fool on the hill.  Glad to be a father, grandfather and maybe in the future a great grandfather.


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