An ego is like an egg: breakable

I was only joking when I caused your bubble to crash,

I did not mean to take your ego and turn it into trash.

I did not mean to say it, and you misinterpreted it anyway.

Sometimes I say the truth and sometimes that changes the next day.


Trump trashes his Attorney General and treats him like crap,

Has he not done that to other cabinet members and zap.

Gone are so many to the list of the unemployed lines,

Many of them obscured by time and many charged with crimes.


To numerous to mention the list grows by the day,

Like a seesaw in Washington, the bodies rot where they lay.

Treating the government like a lunette with free food,

Sneering at the cameras and acting crude.


This administration handpicked from the top,

Is dirty with corruption like an old worn out mop.

Trump should wear flip flops because he changes his mind on a dime,

Politics in Washington should be taught to students who want to learn about crime.




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