Hotel from hell

There is a hotel in the state of chaos where the guests are the outcasts of humans,

Freddie Kruger lives there in room 427 with slashes on his door,

Michael lives next to him with fifty masks on his floor.


Frankenstein lives on the first floor because he does not fit in the elevator,

There is a swimming pool, but it has a resident gator.

The bar is stocked with drinks of questionable taste,

Blood is one ingredient the other human waste.


Igor is the concierge paying attention to the details,

Ivan the terrible oversees cooking the meals.

The penthouse is rented to the vamps who like the space,

This is a hotel for people who have a peculiar taste.


They tried to zone this place out of business and close it down,

But that did not happen because the residents sent in the clown.

It did what it does best,

Decapitated one and scared the rest.

Now no one says a discouraging word,

For they fear that devouring bird.


The symbol of the hotel is a vulture which hangs on the wire,

It is the phoenix of death reborn from the fire.



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