7 sins


Seven brothers born in one family each totally different than the others,

Each seemed to have a serious flaw, each had hidden secrets behind closed doors.

One brother had pride, in his looks and his brain output,

He dressed to the nines, and always had that superior look.

One brother was constantly jealousy of everybody and everything,

If one brother had something he had to have the better thing.

Another brother ate everything in sight, constantly eating and imbibing,

His weight was enormous and an ungainly, ugly and elephantine sight.

The fourth brother was a fop and dressed up for the kill,

Women flung themselves at him for he promised them a thrill.

The fifth had anger issues that boiled over in a nasty spill,

He had that look in his face that could cause a cold chill.

The sixth was a man who wallowed in greed and wanted it all,

A man who did not care for the family and wanted his brothers to fall.

Finally sloth was the feature of the last brother of the seven,

A man of laziness in both work and faith in heaven.

All the brothers with there flaws of guilt and shame,

Each blamed the other as their family went down the drain.


Each of the family got coal in their stocking on this Christmas day,

Such is the nature of sin and the end results that one must pay.


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