The food of God

If we are in the image of God than his or her appetite must include all foods.

Each night God sat down and had a meal with his disciples and his holy sons and daughters. It is a big table in a giant hall lit by the candles of angels. The food miraculously fills the table. And for desert from The Cheese Cake Factory was a fantastic Angel Cake.

On Monday the meal was of light and darkness. The meal was lite for there was much work to be done and the darkness needed to be lifted to reveal the world as God envisioned it. Pan era Bread was eaten.

On Tuesday the meal was the waters that God put on this sphere called earth.

Some of the disciples had cod, some salmon, some tuna and a few scallops and calamari. Thus Red Lobster became a Tuesday feast.

On Wednesday the meal from the vegetables of the ground. Eggplant and squash and zucchini were ordered. Lettuce was headed up and cucumbers were cooled to a tangy taste. Tomatoes were harvested and a sauce devise was pureed. It was the concept of Olive Garden in the Biblical days.

On Thursday the meal was mainly ambrosia and moon pies for that was the sky day. Asteroids and comets flew overhead. The food was made of cosmic particles. Star fish was brewed. Saturn made onion rings. Pluto made mud pies. Neptune gave reigns of catfish and dogfish. And the restaurant of Bhog was created. (Bhog, a new restaurant in Pleasantville, N.Y., serves a variety of cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. The Name Means Food for the Gods. )

On Friday the meal was again fish but now added to that was fowl from the air. Chicken and turkey graced the tables. Chick peas was added to the bowl of plenty. Partridges sang in the pear tree while robin breast was sauteed in soy sauce. And the birth of Golden Coral was birthed.

On Saturday the feast was in full swing. Meat was added from steers to exotic animals of four legs. Leg of lamb, frogs legs, rack of ram, and venison meat was in abundance. And the milk of the cows made cheese of all types. There was the holy cheese that eventually would be called Swiss. An the concept of the Melting Pot was born.

Finally Sunday and the exhaustion to the disciples was on their angelic faces.

All food was at their disposal. But soon the real work would be at hand. For now there was a new creature on the earth and that creature was man. And he and she had many delicious parts.  And the animal kingdom put human on their plate and said, “Yum”


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