Cowboys of the Past

I grew up in the years of the cowboy,

Television had a string of them promoting a toy.

What kid did not have in on his hips a six gun proudly displayed,

We played gunslingers fighting it out in a mock charade.


The cast of characters is in my mind,

Many of them fictional with heroes designed.

There was Paladin and his show Have Gun Will Travel,

Then Richard Boone became older and Hec Ramsey had clues to unravel.


Billy the Kid was portrayed many a times, sometimes in a good light,

Bat Masterson had a cane as a weapon a rather strange sight.

Laredo was silly, Wagon Train had Ward Bond leading them west,

Then there was James West in the Wild, Wild West and he was the best.


Bronco, Cheyenne, and the rifleman too, shoot outs were common sometimes more than two.

Gunslingers in black hit the dust with a thud,

the good cowboys never got a smudge on their clothes, not even mud.


And on occasion there was a dud or two,

Wyatt Earp had morals and principles for you.

Years ago, when the good guys wore the white hats,

Good was good and evil was bad and that was the facts.


Now it is babble and confusions statements of sin,

Not so easy now to figure out who is bad and who wears the tin.

Goodbye Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry who now ride in the heavens,

Gene with his horse and Roy with Mrs. Evans.

Tonto is there still leading the Lone Ranger,

Saving the world from the bad guy and unspeakable danger.


The chapters are closed, and the reruns are set,

The good guys usually win the contest, a fixed bet.

X Brands was silent and a friend not a foe,

So many good memories are all that I know.


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