Do alligators like human meat?

A news story from Florida that I read this morning,

In a lake in Florida has an alligator came up with no warning.

He or she did what alligators do and sought out food,

I do not believe that the gator was pleasant or in a bad mood.


Along the surface of the lake swam a duck,

In nature they do that but he or she was out of luck.

Gator was sly and not to shy, it ate the duck and it did die.

A person on shore with his daughter in tow,

Saw the debacle and his daughter’s woe.


He worried that this gator might crave human meat,

He called the government without skipping a beat.

They came and captured this beast of the past,

They pulled up from the lake and they were aghast.


Eleven feet and judged as a killer of a bird,

They executed the gator, is that not absurd?

The gator was being a gator and I guess too difficult to move,

I am not sure why killing the gator did, or what did it prove.

Conservation is based on what is convenient,

Poor gator, no one was lenient.

Guilt as charged for eating fowl,

Poor gator, humanity threw in the towel.


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