Hurricane Season

In Florida we have hurricanes coming in with wind and rain,

Most of the time they pass by but when they don’t they can be a pain.

Each season makes us cringe with fear and trepidation,

They affect us with damage which causes a lot of litigation.


Roofs damaged with blue tarps hung over them like laundry on the line,

Trees uprooted and fallen electrical lines on the ground like grape vine.

No electricity for awhile while the company strings new wires,

Fire plugs offline and homes in danger of random fires.


People running for gasoline which is now in low supply,

Some people drown in overflown rivers and other ways to die.

Do not touch the wires of current as they lie in puddles of water,

Hurricanes come in like fullbacks and have no reason to give quarter.


Finally, we surge back from the damage and get off our knees,

And then the year is over, and it starts again as as you please.

You want to move but the snow storms kill the northern states,

The middle of the country has tornados and the west has quakes.


The safest place is the city of legislation, Washington, D.C.

A place of hot air and a lot of people with deceit.



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