Some people run their lives with the elements of surprise.

They dilly and dally and will capitulate and compromise.

But there are some lines in the sand that should never be crossed.

Some principals of belief that should be stabled and never tossed.


A good example are the ten commandments written in stone,

They were sited for a reason and individually stand alone.

Thou should not kill and yet it is done with splatters of blood.

Did we not pay for these sins with the chaos of the flood?


Cheating on our spouses and having given into lust,

Touching with crassness will cause your soul to bust.

Karma is out there and will eventually rear its ugly head,

Is it worth the penalty to cheat in someone else’s bed?


Gone are the ideals that separate man from beast,

Sins are amounting, and the devil has a bountiful feast.

Karma is awaiting at the judgement court,

You can not buy salvation for it cannot be bought.


Beware the consequences of your action and live a life free from sin,

For the clean will walk in God’s grace and morality should be your linchpin.




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