Andre the Giant

A jobber is a professional wrestler who is there to lose.

I am not saying wrestling is fake but if a jobber is in the ring he is not supposed to win.  Recently I saw a documentary on Andre the Giant. Now being almost seven feet tall in a regular world presents many problems.  Andre traveled all over the world and did not pay for two seats on the plane.  He needed more than that and even then, he was cramped.

Andre knew jobbers, but he did not really need them.  He literally dwarfed the opponents.  He was strong as an ox and for pranks picked up cars and moved them around a parking lot. He was a jokester and loved to fart on his opponents.

By most accounts, André was a jovial giant, content to play cards, socialize, and enjoy all the food and drink his success afforded him. During matches, he amused himself by stepping on an opponent’s long hair or wringing the sweat from his singlet into their face. In one bout, Jake “The Snake” Roberts recalled that André waited until Roberts was on the mat before he squatted down and unleashed his flatulence. “This went on for like 30 seconds,” Roberts said. “Giants fart for extremely long periods of time.”

But you pay to be a giant and Andre payed heavily.  His health deteriorated and eventually he died of heart problems.  Add to his life style of drinking too much added to his woes.

But to me Andre was the guy from The Princess Bride.  A classic.

In a Paris hotel room on January 27, 1993, Andre Roussimoff, known the world over as The 8th Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant, was found dead at the age of 46. Congestive heart failure finally did what so many men had failed to do in nearly 30 years as a professional wrestler – bring the Giant down.

Andre fought Hogan and he became the ultimate jobber.  He was going to lose and that was unusual for him.

Like so many of those I noted as I grew up and lived history Andre is now part of history.  In a few years the young people will say who was Andre.  He lived as best he could and I guess had some good ups and some hard downs.  Like all of us that is life.  May the mats in heaven be soft for the Giant.


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