Arguing for the sake of the argument

Is common ground a form of no man’s land,

Is it the division of thoughts marked out on the sand?

I cannot convince you and you cannot convince me,

I am blindsided by your point of view of which I cannot see.


Your position is pro, and my point of view is con,

We cannot get over it even with a magic wand.

How do we cross this great divide between us?

And even more important without the drama and fuss.


Around and around we go and where we will stop will be in the lake of confusion,

I am tired of the pulling of thoughts and division; my brain is bleeding and I need a transfusion.

It is like the war between the north and the south,

I am dismayed and annoyed by the words coming from your mouth.


The Congress is in disarray, the three branches are broke,

How can this be when we are all just plain folk.

Can we not mend our separate ways and become one?

Fraid not because that would mean one would win and the race cannot be won.


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