The world is revolving and will crash into the sun. You sun screen.

Is it me or are you also tired of this royal wedding?  Do not get me wrong.  Good luck to the couple.  I have nothing against them.  But the spectacular is pathetic.  I have more important things on my mind then what dress she is wearing.  I cannot stand the words biracial.  Who cares.  If he loves her and she him that is it for me.  I cannot understand why no one wants to walk this young lady down the aisle?  I would like to see the Queen do it.


Another massacre at a school.  Whether or not you like or hate Trump (there seems to be a wide gap) I am sick and tired of his “I am sorry about the incident and our prays are with those who lost loved ones.  Get over that wall and put money into safety.  You have a problem with MS 13 then go after them and leave the good Mexicans alone.  Not all of them are rapist.  Most of them just want to work and be left alone.


Cannot stand the news.  I do not care if Trump is guilty or not.  He is only concerned with money.  So, what.  He played politics with our enemy.  So, what.  He sold us out.  What else is new?  He screwed everyone he could.  So, he is a vile man with a penetration complex.  So, what.

So, he is a conservative who does not believe in global warming.  So, who cares.  So, the earth is going to hell.

Let it.  So many species of animals will die out.  The earth is crowded as it is.  We are a ball of anxiety heading down the path of oblivion.  These observations are true of 1930, 1942 and 1963.  Crap is in the air and no air mask will filter it.  Wellcome to 2018.  You care then vote.

Maybe it will mean something or not but give your voice a chance to change or not change things.


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