The thorn in my side

Things that piss me off:

People who take their dogs pass my house and then stop and let the dog crap on my lawn.  They do not have a plastic bag to pick up the crap and therefore I have a trophy from their dog.


This wedding in England.  First off I am not a big fan of their accent.  I have a Brooklyn accent and I am sure they would be angry with my talk process.  Millions spent on ceremony.  Big deal he will say I do, she will say I do and then they will go to seclusion and do the deed legally.  Big deal.  Do not get me wrong they should be happy but what about the expenditure considering that some English people are not doing so well economically.


Trump.  I do not care at this point if he concluded or not.  He is getting little done and considering how much television he watches I consider him a couch potato.

Most of his cabinet are a bunch of losers.  I could pick better people by searching the phone book.


The paranoia of America.  Eventually fifty countries will have nuclear weapons and some will use it.  Get ready for contaminated water and air.  It is only a matter of time.  Remember the safe houses in the back yard for nuclear safety.

Dust them off.


McDonalds has a commercial which makes a Black Kid look stupid. He takes this envelope to his manager who reads it for him in front of the other workers.  What if he had not gotten the scholarship?  He would have been made foolish.


Progressive insurance.  Am I the only guy who hates Flo.  Is that marker on her lips?




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