Is it going to be good or bad?

He awoke to a beautiful morning,

Outside the birds were performing.

Up and at them was the order of the day,

Perfect and riding smooth would not have it any other way.


The coffee was just right,

The pancakes and eggs a great delight.

The car had a full tank of gas and purred with zoom,

He drove to work and noted the highways empty, so much room.


He got to office and inserted the key,

Everyone he talked to buy the product with glee.

Perfect day and now at the end he went back home to the wife,

Even she was in a good mood and handed him no strife.


Perfect day and at the end he laid down to sleep,

To bad this was a dream that he did keep.

Now he was awake, and it turned to crap,

He awoke sleepy and just wanted to take a nap.


The alarm had not rung because he did not set it right,

The house was not clean a miserable sight.

His car was on empty and he stalled out on the road,

He got to his office and there a boss chastised him bold.

He waved his finger at him and threatened expulsion,

His life threatened with being fired and he faced disruption.


He went home after a day filled with vile and insults,

He went to the bar and drank till his stomach erupts.

He finally went home where the wife left him as a loser,

He did not care for he still had the effects in him of a boozer.


He awoke with a start for the nightmare was still in his head,

A beautiful dream and then a nightmare which will it be ahead?

He hid under the blanket for he was worried which way it would go,

But the only way to figure it out was to live out the day and see how life would flow.



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