Insults galore

Adjectives can be cruel:

Add festering to cruel and it is multiplied by two.

Add dingy to the White House and it becomes a cesspool of politics.

Add undesirable to people and you have a quarter of the nation that needs a bath.

Add pathetic to an operation and it is a dismal failure.


Adjectives emphasis a word and sometimes to the negative.


But watch out for positives.

I am positive that the plastic surgery you had failed.

I am positive that your father was a God and your mother a pig because your eyes are beautiful and complement your snout.


A backhand compliment which praises an attribute and condemns the negative.

You could be a hot dog eater pro.  You always looked stuff.

Great Turkey neck.  Did you get it at Thanksgiving?

Your wrinkles twinkle.

Is that a bald spot or a patch of white on your head?

You remind me of a ship in the navy.  When I look at you I want to throw up.

I did not know that Fart was a smell sold in the stores in the perfume department.


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