Life goes on

And the beat goes on, things change and yet they do not,

The world revolves about like a play on stage, I kid you not.

Kings come forth and kings do die,

But they are men coming through the rye.


Meanings are lost, and the myths do rebel,

Everyone is on the con and the deal to sell.

Fake news is real, and the real news is fake,

We are all mixed up and that is my take.


But the things that remain and are constant forever,

Love, compassion and truth are the elements which are clever.

Yes, they can be abused but they are in the element of light,

Never lose sight of these facts and remember stay on the path of the right.


Some things are said better when there are no words,

A reflection of the truth, like a flock of birds,

They fly to a destination without the knowledge of flight,

They fly to an area which has been predetermined as right.


Conclusion on the human species evades the mind of the enlightened.

Sometimes I am amazed by the beauty of it all and sometimes I am frightened.


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