We need a common enemy.

On a galaxy far, far away,

On any given day,

There is rift between the people.


Some are having gray backs, and some have purple highlights in their hair,

Some have a belly button of green and some wear their toenails with flair.

Twenty-six varieties of the beast,

But all do have in common an aversion to yeast.


Yeast is the common enemy of all,

It causes irritation and makes you dizzy and you fall.

Whether you have gray backs, or purple in your hair,

Whether you have a green belly button or wear toenails with flair,

Yeast is the common enemy which causes you to sneeze and wheeze,

Yeast is the enemy which is not something which can please.

Yeast is the enemy which forces everyone to their knees.


One enemy, to all, and a common theme,

All the people of the planet formed one formidable team.

They schemed and planned and finally came up with the product of success,

And yeast fell to the way side and finally succumbed to the erosion test.


If only the people of earth could see the truth,

Pollution, smog, cancer and diseases are the root.

They comprise the yeast of the tale and we need to stand fast,

We need to fight the real enemies of the people and get off our ass.


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