The future is bleak and weak

It is coming.  The technology of the future scary to say the least.

We are playing with things we should not delve into, an unyielding beast.

The world of self-driving cars, and pilotless planes,

The world with reflective mirrors and houses of colored panes.


Beware what you wish for because the internet is a fancy hacker of your dreams,

It banks your words and you will be spammed by ads that scream.

Buy this, buy that and with a click of a wireless mouse they take the money out of your account,

They can grab your money easily, and they will determine the amount.


They will give you only the information that is slanted to you, by years of infiltration,

You will see only one point of view; your vote will be coerced as will the direction of the nation.

A I will be everywhere, and robots will be on every corner,

Your ability to think will go down the drain and your soul will be a mourner.


We will control your vertical and your horizontal too,

We will tell you what to think and you will be incarcerated in manmade zoo.

No longer will you be in control of your life or the direction you will go,

The computer of life will take charge and tell you what is important and what you know.


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