Crime can pay if you can handle the payback

A concept I am trying to get a grip on:  Why name a prison Sing Sing?  Was it to compel the canaries within to confess their sins?

Would one prefer to sit their sentence in Alcatraz which means Pelican an island in the middle of the rip currents of hell?  If you escape you must avoid the sharks and if you land you are still sought.

Freedom rings for the fool who is not caught.

We specialize in incarceration, for the crooked elite of this generation.

Those who are so special they sit in isolation, to dwell in their heads thoughts that are left unsaid.


The claustrophobia of the cell gets into the heads of many,

Six by eight or forty-eight squares is standard,

For those who have committed sins that were substandard.


For a few there is the ultimate prize,

The buzz of the electric chair, or perhaps the noose as prescribed. 

Injection of vials that destroy the vitals,

None of these do grant heaven entitles.


Recidivate the enemies of the people and make them whole again,

Laws need to be instituted for the men and women who get released from the pen.

Amazing to all is the scope of those who reside within the walls.

People who have been recognized with affection who walked down hallowed halls.


And so, heroes are in the walls of prison sentenced to years,

Gone from the worship now just memories with tears.

No humor for the Jell-O Pudding man, no hope for the druggist of sex,

No hero worship for the lawyer who paid for the whore of the man of text.


Roommates Madoff, and O.J. now released to play on the golf tees,

Some many released by taking the fifth and getting off with a plea.







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