The Pudding Man Melts

You have got to be careful on the heroes you choose,

It seems hard to believe but some win and some lose.

When I was young and a stud in the making,

The time when I got my first jobs and brought home the bacon.


I modeled myself after a few who seemed to fit the bill,

I was a big favorite of I Spy, a show on television which gave me a thrill.

There was Robert Culp and Bill Cosby in show fighting for our nation,

 I saw a White Man and a Black Man friends in exotic locations.


They appeared as friends and it appeared that that is where race relationships should be,

Working for a good future, friends forever, the future I assumed would be.

Then time marches on and Cosby became the Dad of all Dads,

His wisdom spewed as he raised his daughters and lads.


Yesterday one of my idols of the past went down in flames,

He abused his status by using drugs and deflowering scores of dames.

“We do not need no heroes!” Mad Max shouts at the top of his lungs,

I disagree we need heroes with truth on their tongues.


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