My mind needs help with the information of nonsense befuddling my brain.

Three little piggies met three blind mice,

They got into a fight and all were stuck thrice.

Little Bo Peep found her sheep but it did no good,

They had been eaten by the carnivorous wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

The Little Old Lady who lived in a shoe was arrested for causing a population explosion,

She pleaded the fifth and ignorance of birth control devices causing moral erosion.

Aquaman was encased in jello because of drug addiction that made him mello,

He asked his friends for character references indicating he was a great fellow.

Trouble is he that he is more fish than a human being,

He escaped from his cell and there are pictures showing him fleeing.

Wonder woman proved she is indeed a wonder to behold,

She does things with good grace and should the truth be told.

She is being nominated for Woman of the Year and she will be on Time,

She is a known crusader of truth and a eradicator of crime. 


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