Living the good life. Rich in the mind and cheap in reality.

My kingdom is so small it fits in a one bedroom flat,

My throne is small barely cushioned for me and my cat.

My royal steed is on four wheels and made from metal,

My royal tea is brewed in an old pot on a kettle.


My queen is a lady married in haste,

We are economical to the point of no waste.

Our prince was born with a little flair,

Princesses came next with a lot of care.


We eat by a stove and served by ourselves,

Our dishes are chipped and sit on the shelves.

Our silverware is only plated and is not worth much,

Our sheets are cotton and coarse to the touch.


We are your common people in kingship in name only,

We act with our noses held high and we are incredibly phony.

Egos fragile and money tight to the penny,

But even in this world of make believe, there are smiles aplenty. 


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