vacation to nowhere

I feel used and abused by the influx of ads thrust daily at me,

Maybe it is my viewpoint or my disposition, but manipulation is all that I see.

Buy this, purchase that, the television rants and the radio harps, caveat emptor,

Buy one get one free, it is new and improved and then if you read close there are the disclaimer.


Limited warranty, fees added for this buy, delivery free and all you must do is buy,

We will discount your order and take it on line, book your hotel and it is time to fly.

We will fly you first class if there is a seat available, but they are all gone,

And that room with a view just had a building blocking it, oh darn.


All to believe with all the hyperbole and hype,

You got to read the small print in invisible type.

The coupons are multiple and come in reams,

But most of the time they are not what they seem.


So, we settle for less, and pay the pretty penny,

That is the scope of that vacation, the one that we envy.

Take a cruise and get sick and throw up in the aisle,

Vomit galore and when you receive the bill you will smile.


Stay in the hotel room and pray there are no bed bugs to bite you,

Breakfast is free with food to delight, but tough to chew.

The salmonella is spread on the counter with glee,

Get sick to your stomach and get down on one knee.


We work all year for that two-week interlude of peace,

To go away and partake of the vacation feast.

Then it is over, and we must pay the credit cards that we have maxed out,

Then do it all over again a routine of the feast and famine and then drought.



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