The meaning of life by an old man.

It is a simple thing really,

You cannot live your life willy silly.

You have got to have a plan at hand,

Or else before you know it, time has gone like grains of sand.


Nobody wants to think of it in their teens,

Nobody thinks of it when they have the means.

But the end pops up like no matter who you are,

Life can take you only to certain destinies near or far.


Your legacy should not be stained by the actions done in haste,

Nor should your persona consider itself such a waste.

Who you leave behind is a measure of your stead,

No matter what you say or have done they are still your seed.


So as the farmer plant in the fertile ground your thoughts and ideals,

May you go to your favorite hunting ground and see all it reveals.

May your memories bear out with smiles and warm feelings?

May you be remembered for good nature and proper dealings.


After all is said and done,

Life can be a joy and so much fun.




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