Circle of Life

We fear the unknown,

Death stares at us with blank eyes,

Taking its time and gathers us to its chest.

It is a out of body experience in the twilight zone,

And your life goes by in a blink as time flies,

Slowly you lose your steam and life’s zest.


You scream, you tear, you clutch your hands in grief,

The white shark is circling you as you sit on the reef.

Eyes gleaming and teeth bared to the fullest,

Your decency has left you as a wrinkled nudist.


Plead for the sanctuary of peace and quiet,

For now, you are on a permanent diet.

Gone are the cares of the world for they do not matter,

Gone is your vanity, your sanity, and your firm body.

Rot is the word of the future and your body fodder.


But your legacy lives on, hopefully for the good and not for the errors,

May your name be spoken with kindness by those left, your stander bearers.

Let your memory be a good one and invoke the smiles of love,

Surely you will see that as you stare back from above.



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