Bewildered on a lazy Friday afternoon

How happy where the dentist when Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake?”

Is not the root canal the canal of all evil?

Is the apple of one’s eye a MacIntosh? 

If the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow than Judy Garland must have been rich?

Is it possible that my Spring Water has caused me to rust?

Is my sub a hero or not?

I want my wedding cake to be made of rice cake?  A sushi cake with three layers.

I am dyslexic and therefore instead of saying I do at my wedding I said, do I?

How inept is the bumble bee?  Does he indiscriminately sting everybody?

Three blind mice sound like a genetic flaw to me?

If you do not use it, you will lose it confuses me.  What about a monk?

What does one say at the end of a party?  Party off?

I understand wearing a night cap but why drink it?

Are all ancient pistols male?  You had to cock them?

Moby Dick was a white whale?  Whom did he mate with?  Were they shipmates?

Do jerks have a knee jerk reaction when someone says something stupid?

Who counts the leaves on a tree?  A theologist?

Can we tell the age of a person by seeing the density of their bones like counting the rings of a tree?

Has Saturn been married?  It has accumulated a lot of rings.


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