My poor point of view Blurry with worry

A while back, it feels like years ago, Trump stated,: ‘I could shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters’ If this is his mindset what is he worried about Bob Mueller.  He would not lose a vote.  Therefore, he is worried about criminal activity which could result in jail time or at least impeachment.  To avoid that he would resign from the presidency and let Pence take over.  I believe the American public would take the attitude that he was just being a businessman and it was no big deal.  In fact, the people who voted in Trump would have voted in anyone but Hilary Clinton.  The hatred for that woman was the prime reason for their vote.  There was something they disliked about her.  I never saw it, but they did.

I reached back to history to look for the Presidents who represented a saintly glow in the White House.  Sorry but there were only a few.  Some make us really look bad.  Now, I do separate the man from the job.  Most men will cheat on their wives.  Sorry to state that but the power of the office makes even an ugly guy look good as a moose head on the wall.  Many a girl felt a great accomplishment by saying she banged someone with importance.  No class, and the realization is that there can be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Ask yourself why Lewinski keep a dress with a sperm sample of Clinton in wrap for future use.

Gross goes with the territory.  Having separated the animal element out let’s look at the economy for when it all comes down to it the economy is the crux of the matter.  Bad economy and moral president does not mean much when people can not find a job and not pay their bills.  And right now, the economy is not doing badly.  Yes, the stock market is going like a yoyo, but it is still high enough to withstand the rolling seas.  The unemployment rate looks good and low.  Some say Obama is the reason this is happening, but Obama is a faint whisper in the night.

I have got to give Trump the credit.  Is he draining the swamp.  Not really many of his selections have not been people who do not have mud on them.  But that is the nature of the beast.  Most successful people have mud stains.  Heroes have made mistakes.  Some of the people I use to look up to are now bumping elbows with ground feeders.  If you wallow and live in the mud of the ocean every creature above, you crap on your head.

I have lived through Nixon, “I am not a crook” to Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman” to Trump “I can grab their xxxxx” and therefore I have seen sleaze in the Washington breeze.

What I worry about is Syria, North Korea, a world bent on destroying itself with a topping of opiates and suicide in the future.  I do not worry for myself because I am an old fart.  But my children and grandchildren deserve a good world to live in and do not need the commotion.  I therefore state to all, “vote this November and make good decisions.”  May we live in peace, and not reign in hell.


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