violence what is it good for?

We seem to revel in violence, the type of blood and guts,

From the early days when man lived in fear and candlelight in huts.

To the modern day with electrical lights and the dumb box aglow.

He sees endless pictures of man killed fast or in slo-mo.


Sports is alarming violent, and the hype is evident all around us,

Go to many a game and see glorified mayhem as a must.

Boxing is two guys in a ring fighting with gloves on to soften their blows,

Kickboxing is worse for now you can use any devise to harm even your toes.


Football is two teams out there to crush the bones,

I am surprised they do not have microphones to pick up their moans.

Hockey is padding on ice with an element of the puck,

Watching them spin on ice back and forth is boring and doth suck.


But in the olden days was it no less violent,

No one said no to killing or maiming the crowd was not silent.

And in the rings of Caesar the gladiators cut and maimed,

The heat and passion of the games was not untamed.


Violence has been around if man has walked the earth,

He is taught it by all around him from the day of his birth.

We think of the trophies hanging on the wall due to sweat,

The losers have no trophies except the pain and a lose to regret. 


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