Sunday morning reflection

One cannot make a mountain of molehills.  They are still hills.

On an average day a person will lie to you many times.  On a above, average day he may be quiet.

Which do you prefer sunrise or sunset?  Two beautiful times of the day.  But sometimes clouds get in the way.

I eat eggs but where they come from bothers me.  Roe too, cows tongue three.

If one eats cows tongue does one moo?

On any given day we execute hundreds of cats and dogs.  Should not their flesh be given to the homeless as hamburgers?  Cruel but conceivable.  Soylent green in a way.

Getting old is not a pleasure.  You would think young people would listen to your sage advice but the only sage they know is on pizza.

How many Godzilla’s are there?  Why do they all have fire breath?  Why is not Godzilla not a spokesperson for a breath mint?

How does Dracula comb his hair?  What do you call a mirror inversion?  Reflection scramble.

I saw a rerun of Wonder Woman and noticed she changes by revolving around in a fast motion.

She does not wear a mask so how come no one notes she is Diana Princess?

I am into negatives said the camera as it perched on its tripod.

Were do wrinkles come from?  My body has wrinkles on wrinkles.  I think I will steam clean my body.

I am attempting to do a 3000-piece puzzle and I am getting frustrated.  Solution a pair of scissors.

Contemplating the expanse of the universe gives me a colossal headache.  I wonder if Hawking’s had headaches?

They are doing a lot of rebooting of old shows on television.  They stunk then and will stink now.



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