The news is slanted, so what else is new?

I was watching a news station the other day.

Does it matter which one for they all have their agenda to say.

Slanted news is nothing new, we are given only the facts that matter,

Gone are the days of clarity, the news is now made up of information tattered.


We are not given incite and allow someone else to think the stuff through,

It is usually a news item which has the leaning of the station and its view.

Nothing new here, look at the news of the Spanish-American war,

It was called yellow journalism and it caused a conflict at its core.


Hearst News reported it day after day, the sinking of the U.S. Maine in Havana Bay.

Troops were called out and Teddy Roosevelt went up San Juan Hill,

Then the war was over with and the American people got the bill.

Two thousand dead and the United States the winner,

Spain defeated and considered the sinner.


We have been manipulating the news from the days of Adam and Eve,

It is used to bend our ears and make us think one way, to believe.

Fairy stores would be more in line with the truth,

Like getting money when you put under your pillow a worn-out tooth.


Now we are digging up Chappaquiddick and the Ted Kennedy lies,

How he was out with this girl and it was just steno on the beach, oh how time flies.

And Nixon was not a thief, just a jester in the White House,

So many scurrying rats, a drama unfolded, it is as true as Mickey Mouse.


Lies, what are they good for?  Absolutely nothing, say it again,

Note in the White House has been the inner sanctum of knowledge, a den of men


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