A few thoughts of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. a memory or two in the gray cells.  It was a different time.  Protesting was basic.  There was a fine line between the races.  Blacks could not drink from the same water fountain that whites drank from although the water was from the same source.  The blasphemy was touching White lips to a spout that had been touched by Black lips.  I guess if someone needed CPR you could not save them if you were from a different race?  Jane Pittman was a fictional character played by Cissy Tyson who did that on screen.  But the truth of the matter was water was segregated.  So were eating places resulting in sit ins to change that.  Blacks ate in the back of restaurants and sat in the back of buses. 

Today that seems like a fairy story, but it was not.  Lynching occurred.  Three men went to the south to help with getting Black people register to vote and disappeared only to be found later murdered. 

Tensions were high, and a spark could ignite them.  It took courage to fight this.  People with guts spoke up against the injustice.  King was one of them. 

But today we play platitudes to King, but the raw truth is lost.  There was hatred.  Deep rooted and race riots.  I remember them, and they were not pretty.  And through it all Martin Luther King, Jr maintained peace.  No violence.  He was a different type of human being.  He worked through the system and did it with the pen not the sword.  He died by the sword.  Irony is not lost but time in the bottle wisps away and we forget. 


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