The devil is in the phone

Dealing with the phone is now a pain in the rear,

It is something that now plagues me and fills me with fear.

You do not get a human being until you go through numerous choices,

Number one for Spanish, two for English is said by a mechanical voice.


Then comes the prompt asking what do you want?

Number one, two, and three as if you were an idiot savant.

Then the next prompt given is to pay the bill,

Give them information, including bank info, a bitter pill.

Strange that you can go through the entire process,

Finally hanging up and a goodbye, you are so blessed.


Can we be invaded by the information we give out?

I am bewildered at the exchange of info and worry with doubt.

Anyone can hack me and steal what little I possess,

A person unknown to me is privy to secrets that only I should process.






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