Homage to Hawking

The sky was a fading shade of blue and yet not sad,

A comet streaked by the skies seen by the lonely lad.

Walking his dog after a day of work, leash in hand,

He was on a lonely stretch of beach made of gritty sand.


The waves lapped at their feet, it was warm water,

He starred at the tail of the comet it glowed at its border.

And then the impossible happened it made a right turn,

The boy stopped and looked at this happening with concern.


What comet changes path and does a course correction?

Doing a maneuver in space with such precision and perfection.

He hastened home to turn on the television set,

He gasped in awe for it was seen by millions and he became upset.


Was it an omen of destiny, the first glimpse to an invasion?

Or was it coincidence of an extreme nature and just a one-shot occasion.

No one on earth will ever know the truth,

No one was capable of being the great sleuth.


Visitors from a planet far away in the distance of space,

Sent this ship to make a statement about a man of the human race.

It was there gesture to the mind of Hawkins that they demonstrated with grace.

They had heard his words by radio waves so long ago,

A man who understood the nature of things, that the universe does flow.


The universe pulsates and is a living thing,

Hawkins understood that, the most ingenious human being.

And so, this meteor was really a ship from another world,

Paying homage to a man whose atoms mixed with the cosmos as it swirled




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