A fact of life

Have we not been down this road before?

We think we are soaring and then we hit the floor.

If life is in cycles then why do we find it strange,

Wars are followed by peace only the time periods change.


Depression follows the bull market and the stocks are destined to tumble,

Those living it up being chic will one day wallow in the mud and be humble.

One day you are up and high on the horse,

The next day you have fallen and cannot find your course.


We are on the sea and the fog is closing in,

We cannot see where we are going nor where we have been.

We are born, get mature, mate and date,

We get old quickly and hope the reaper will come late.


I went to the mountain climbing furiously to seek the sage on the hill,

I got up to the top and met another climber who thought I was the sage, a bitter pill.

We talked but briefly and came up to only one conclusion,

The world is complex for it contains humans and they are confusion.


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