Wondering if?

What is the crux of the matter?

Why do vampires cast no  reflection?

Why does Wonder Woman and Captain America have a shield?

Why is Batman a bat fanatic and Robin into birds?

If the Shadow knows why not subpoena him?

Where is under oath?

Do they serve subs in the submarine fleet?

If bartenders tend bar, do they have high balls?

Do they have bazaars in Erie, Pa.?

Can you confine the abstract?

Where does the Genie in the bottle pop his or her cork?

The most important part of the body is the brain and yet it is attached to the body by a scrawny neck.

What kind of fruit is the Ugly Fruit?  Does it not have feelings?

Do river barges barge in when there is a log jam?

Does one get splinters in the mouth when one eats log jam?

Notice sincerely starts with sin and how sincere is that?

Is Brian a brain?  Is Hazel a nut?  What if they married and had kids?  A brain with nuts? or a Nut with a brain?

What do you call cattle at a cattle call?  Moo one and Moo Two?

Did Tony Bennett leave his heart in San Francisco?

How Grand is the Grand Canyon?  If you put a baby grand in the canyon and play it will it make grand echoes?

Where do the holes in Swiss cheese go?  To the Holy Land or the land of Nods?

If the door can be ajar and the hole agape what is the void of space and can we avoid it?

What is time in space and can we put time in a bottle?


What is the area of space and how do we calculate the measurement of eternity?

Do they play with blocks in solitary confinement?  If a prisoner escapes and he is named Waldo, do the guards play where is Waldo?

If a white polar bear is blinded by the light at the north pole which direction does he go?

Is that answer different for a black bear?




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