Steven Hawking is out there

Steven Hawking is now riding the sky dust of the cosmos,

A word of farewell is in order, adieu, tata, or perhaps adios.

A man who thought of the endless void of space,

Space begins where and ends where, what an ambiguous place.


Just the concept of endless floors my brain,

Thinking of this craziness makes one insane.

We pick two points and go from here to there,

At all times we know where we have been but out there?


What is up to a rocket ship?  What is down when you are floating around?

What is out there?  What secrets of the cosmos that are out there to confound?

Hawking could grasp it and even wrote a book for us mere mortals to comprehend,

But I will confess I got confused and never read it from beginning to end.


Hawking also stated that man will go into space to live,

As this planet becomes unlivable and our resources have nothing to give.

We will colonize the moon and even Mars will have a human town,

I do not think we will find live so close, but out there somewhere it is around.


The expression I remember is that, “no matter is created or destroyed, just reshaped” sticks in my mind.

So, in that vein I reflect that out there so atoms of Hawking floating, an example of the greatest kind.



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