He was the big game hunter with many a trophy head on the wall,

He had stalked rhinos in Africa and crocodiles over thirty feet in all.

Many an animal had almost caused his death,

But in the end, he won, and they took their last breath.


He was adapted with his gun and accepted his destiny with glee,

No animal had before taken him down or even to one knee.

And then the strangers came from a planet afar,

He was forced to fight them and raise his game to a higher bar.


For they had blood that was acid, and eyes that could x-ray,

They had weapons of destruction and even a death ray.

And now he was hunted and had to use all his tricks,

He was not a praying man but now rubbed for luck his crucifix. 


The guns he had were of no use, the bullets could not penetrate their skin,

Only to chop off their heads would he get a victory, a sure-fire win.

He took out the samurai sword his father had bequeathed him so long ago,

He went out to battle with it slung on his back, with his body sweat aglow.


The monster of darkness came out of the blinding light,

The ensuing battle was of short duration but an intense fight.

And now on his wall was the head of a creature from a planet in the distance,

A creature he had dispatched with his sword and wiped out of existence.


But victory was short lived for he was soon visited by another,

Who knows if it was related, it could have been its brother.

And this monster won and took his head back to his home,

And on the wall of his domicile, the hunters head now hung under the dome. 


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